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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

doa rabitah

doa rabitah

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



aku sgt kecewa ngan diri aku..nasib diriku..arghh..nape aku mcm ni...lemah nye rase diri ni..
no one could understand me..
why i should be like this??
i need strength to face all this..
ya Rabbi..
berilah kekuatan padaku untuk menempuh hari2 mendatang
hari2 yang penuh cabaran dunia
i want to be a PERSON
that can be proud of my parent,family

if I would reverse the time,
I want to be an arrogant girl
who do not bear any 'hello' 'hi'
lagi selesa begitu
daripada biarkan hati ni menangis
yep..aku mmg sensitif
maafkan aku kawan2

perasaan ni terasa dimain2kan
kadang kala ceria
kadang kala duka

tapi, itulah hidup
tak semestinya ketawa all the times
ada mase perlu juga tunduk pada NYA
tapi seberapa kuatkah kita untuk tunduk pada yang Maha Esa?

imanku masih lemah
mudah goyah dengan godaan dunia
yep..i really need the strength  (T_T)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


For the first time joining this type of competition, I felt nothing but eventually excited \(",)/ after winning silver medal for our project entitle ION EXCHANGER MIXED MATRIX MEMBRANE FOR HEAVY METAL REMOVAL.. Just remembered how was I had join CITREX (creation,innovation,technology, research exposition)..I got call from my SV which asked me to join this competition. At first, why me? Then, just follow as what he asked for my own good (gain experience and add up my CV list =p)..My lovely partner, Anna who was always help and support me for this..tq dear =)..finally we won!!even just silver medal, but I still felt very grateful

me as exhibitor 

our simple booth

yeahh..we won =p

alhamdulliah =)

A few days after that, I got another call from person in charge of CITREX that offer our project to join another research competition which is i-ENVEX (international engineering invention innovation exhibition) that was held at UniMAP..by improving our research project, we prepared well for this. By hoping that there will be another glory for us..hik3..but, unluckily, we just won for bronze medal..but still happy because we are one step further than others who always condemn us..see, we got it!! =)

our booth..ade improvement sket..hee

yeahh..our university!!

still happy with bronze medal

A big thanks to Allah..family,Anna and SV who always support me..love them much !!